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TGD Automatic Doors Co., Ltd.

TGD Automatic Doors Co., Ltd. is the leading automatic door system distributor, installer and servicing company in Thailand. TGD Automatic Doors has been serving the door automation needs of clients in Thailand for more than 15 years. We are located in Bangkok, where we import, assemble and supply high-quality Swiss and Japanese products nationwide. We work with long-standing partners to create solutions for automatic doors. Our partners are the biggest names in the door automation world. Through them we provide you with the most up to date hardware and software available at a fair price.

Our Partner

  • Tormax Automatic (Landert Motoren AG) from Switzlerand: Landert Motoren AG is an independent family company which is active on all five continents. The company has been making know-how based industrial products since 1924. Even demanding customers appreciate the high level of innovation and the outstanding quality of our products. The Landert Motoren Group now employs over 700 people.

  • NABCO Ltd. (Nabtesco): NABCO Ltd. is a pioneer of automatic doors in Japan and worldwide. Currently Nabco manufactures more than 65,000 automatic entrance systems yearly. Total units of Nabco production since 1956 have surpassed 2,000,000 units.

Our automatic doors are found in office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, department stores, airports and stations, on ships and in apartment buildings – in short, in thousands of places around Thailand. Our product range includes sliding, folding, swing and revolving doors, airtight (hermetic) and hygienic doors, fire and smoke resistant door, one-way door systems, telescopic, round and angled sliding door, escape (break-out) and rescue routes, burglar resistant models, as well as high-speed doors. Door systems are all designed and developed in-house and manufactured by our partners.

Thank you for your trust in our company. We look forward to hearing from you.