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Regular servicing of your automatic doors will assure you of trouble free door operation, long service life, and low operation cost.

Our service teams are located throughout the country. All requests are dispatched from our main call center located in Bangkok. Requests are then dispatched to the appropriate teams in Bangkok, and regional teams in Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Sawan, Surat Thani, and Hat Yai.
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Charge Service Maintenance (CM) Our Charge Service maintenance is a per visit service based on the request for inspection and repair. Labor and spare parts are charged according to location and servicing required.

Preventative Maintenance (PM) Our Preventative Maintenance program is a minimum one year service agreement with visits once every four months.

In each visit, our team will:

Align, lubricate and inspect components;

Inspect mechanical and electrical door components;

Inspect door structural integrity;

Adjust operator speeds; and

Perform safety check.

Whether covered by a service agreement or by charge service, TGD responds to your entrance system repair requirements quickly and reliably. Our teams of highly trained mechanics are knowledgeable for all types of servicing. Our commitment is to get your doors working smoothly and safely with the highest quality.


Service Pick Up

Pickup Team

For installation, inspection and repair. Automatic Doorsิ
Motorcycle Pick Up

Motorcycle Team

Maintenance for maintenance at a fast pace to the customer desired.

Our company has installed a GPS tracking system for service technicians stated in any area. And can provide their customers with timely notification to the Call Center to keep pace with the urgent needs of its customers, the company is primarily focused on your satisfaction.

"Regular servicing of your automatic doors will assure you of trouble free door operation."
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For convenient and fast service,
We have service team in all regions.

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Head Office - Bangkok

North - Chiangmai

NorthEast - Konkhen

CentralNorth - Nakornsawan

South - Surattahni

South - Phuket

South - Had Yai