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Hermetic Door

Standard Hermetic Door

Airtight Sliding Doors (Hermetic Door) – automatic and manual Airtight sliding doors (hermetic door) are used when there are requirements for hermetically sealed door.

Hermetic sliding doors are available as a single and two leaves system, automatic and manual system. A large range of materials are available for the door leaf core and surface finishes, as well as the design of the door frames and sealing system, enabling a wide field of applications.

Selectable features

  • Hermetically tight closing
  • Hygiene-friendly surfaces
  • Noise-dampening door leaf core
  • Radiation protection insert available in a range of lead equivalent values
  • Water resistant materials for use in damp areas
  • Smoke and fire protection function
  • HPL-laminate, colour at your discretion or with pattern
  • Galvanized, coated sheet steel in optional colour
  • Stainless sheet steel, polished 240 grain
  • Viewing windows
  • Built-in radiation and laser protection (in viewing windows)
  • Integrated blinds (manual or electric) for viewing windows
  • Various models of cantilever-type handles
  • Locks
Standard Hermetic Door
Standard Hermetic Door
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Standard Hermetic Door Standard Hermetic Door Standard Hermetic Door
Standard Hermetic Door Standard Hermetic Door Standard Hermetic Door
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